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🌿Slevoo Genuine replacement filter of BS-01 Air Purifer. Please remove the plastic bag of filter inside before using once you received. Otherwise the air purifier cannot work effectively.
🌿H13 TRUE HEPA REPLACEMENT FILTER: H13 grade true HEPA filter helps to capture 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns.
🌿3 in 1 HEPA filtration system, Pre-filter, H13 grade true HEPA filter and Activated Carbon Filter. Pre-filter traps larger particles like hairs, pet fur, lint etc. Activated Carbon Filter absorbs household odors, pets odors, cooking, smoking.
🌿Easy Replacement: Included 1 Pack replacement filters. No tools required.
🌿Note: Recommended to replace the filter every 3-6 months. The service life of the filter depends on the air quality and usage time. Hold for 3 seconds to reset after replacing the filter, and the light will flash 3 times, indicating that the reset is successful.
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